New learning paths – learning in motion

Fresh air, oxygen, exercise – and your brain will be working at full steam!
Scientific studies have verified that exercise makes you clever! That is because sport and exercise lead to a considerable increase in performance and have positive effects on one’s learning capacity and memory effects.
Deutsch Studio Salzburg can help you take advantage of these effects for learning German. A German language trainer with experience in running will accompany you while walking or jogging through the hills of Salzburg, along the Salzach, through the historic city centre or down the Hellbrunner Allee … And you decide on the topic of conversation.
Follow this new learning path with us and practice declining adjectives or the base forms of the verbs, practice your verbal skills or perfect your pronunciation …
If you prefer to be more athletic, it would be possible to go on a pleasant endurance run as well.


Single lesson (45 minutes) € 68,00
Block of 10 € 600,00

Further information on learning in motion can be found at Deutsch Studio.