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Questions about the Austrian Language Diploma (ÖSD)

When can I take the exam?

All exams can be found at our website under ÖSD exam dates (and fees).

How much does an exam cost?

The fees for the exams can be found at our website under ÖSD exam (dates and) fees.

What should I bring with me to register?

Please send us a valid photo ID (passport or ID card).

Where can I register for the exam?

You can register for the exam online at ÖSD registration.

When can I register for an exam?

You can register up to 3 weeks before the date of the exam.

Which exam can I take?

f you are not sure which exam is the right one for you, you can download practice exams here at no charge and try the exam for yourself.

Do I have to attend a language course to take an exam?

Deutsch Studio Salzburg is an open examination centre. That means you can take an exam even without attending a language course. For the exams for levels A1, A2 and B1, you must be familiar with the examination procedure before taking the exam.

When does the exam begin?

The written portion of the exam (B1, B2, C1) usually begins at 08:30 a.m, the exams A1 and A2 at 15:00 p.m. On examination days, the examination room opens at 8:15 a.m. The oral portion of the exam begins directly after the written portion is over.

Am I allowed to use a dictionary during the exam?

You are not allowed to use a dictionary for the exam levels A1, A2 and B1.
For the B2 Certificate exam, you may use a monolingual or a bilingual dictionary.
For the German C1 Certificate and C2 Certificate, you are allowed to use a monolingual dictionary (German only).
Electronic dictionaries, electronic pocket dictionaries and similar devices are not allowed.

How much time is there between the written portion of the exam and the oral portion?

The oral portion of the exam takes place on the same day directly following the written portion of the exam, unless you take the written and oral exam on various dates.

How long does it take to find out the results of my exam?

You can find out the results of your exam 4-5 days after taking it at Deutsch Studio Salzburg. Please contact us via email by writing to

When and where can I obtain my diploma?

Your diploma will be ready approx. 2 weeks after the exam is over. We can send it to you as a registered letter. The postage fees are as follows: 15.00 EUR within Austria, 20.00 EUR within the EU (priority) and 26.00 EUR for postage to all other countries (priority).

Which ÖSD diploma do I need to study at an institute of higher learning in Austria?

All universities and technical colleges in Austria recognise the ÖSD diploma as verification of your German skills. In order to apply to the University of Salzburg or the Mozarteum Salzburg, you will need the B2 Certificate. One exception is when applying for a course in applied music at the Mozarteum. For this course, the B1 Certificate is required.
However, the language levels that are required (B1, B2, C1, C2) vary according to university and course of study. Please be sure to enquire at the admissions office of the university where you would like to apply as to which ÖSD diploma you need to be admitted.

What happens when I fail a portion of the exam?

If you fail a portion of the exam, you may repeat the portion of the exam you failed within one year. Please bring the diploma from the exam with you when you register for the exam again.

How long is my ÖSD diploma valid?

All ÖSD diplomas are valid indefinitely.

How can I withdraw my registration for an exam?

It is only possible to withdraw registration for an exam in writing, for example via e-mail. The withdrawal deadlines can be found at our General Terms and Conditions of Business.

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